Wild Ideas Bearikades: Be Bear Aware
Bearikade Facts:

Bearikades are used by these and many other groups: National Park Service Rangers, Wildfire Fighters, Search & Rescue, U.S. State Department, Boy Scouts of America, Alaskan Hunting Guides

Bearikade food canisters have a very long life. We have monitored the health of the first 300 Bearikades issued to the NPS in 2000 and found them serviceable today.

Most Bearikade food canisters have been sold in North America, but they have also been shipped to: Japan, France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Bearikades are proudly made in the USA.

How do I place a rental order with your rental booking system?

Rental Order Booking Instructions:
On our rental order page,

  1. Select start and end dates for actual hiking on trail
  2. Select number of canisters in the Qty Box
  3. Enter Promo/Voucher code given for long through hikes
  4. You will be charged for the days each Bearikade is used on the trail.
  5. WI will ship canister(s) to arrive a day or two before START DATE. No charge for these days. Enter this date in the NEED DATE field of the checkout form.
  6. Read and agree to the “WI Rental Terms of Service”

Returning Your Rented Bearikade:

You must ship to the return address found on the serial number label inside the lid, on the Best Practices sheet and on the original package.

The return shipping address is:

Wild Ideas, LLC
PO Box 1575
Santa Ynez, CA 93460

I am a Boy Scouts of America troop leader. Do you offer a discount?
Yes, if you e-mail: rentals@wild-ideas.net or fax an image showing your affiliation: Troop Number, location and your name on an official letterhead or other business form. We will assign a unique discount code for your specific trip.

I am going on a long, through hike. Are there special rates?
Yes, we offer a 45% discount per Bearikade canister for through hikes of the following trails: John Muir Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. Send an e-mail to rentals@wild-ideas.net and we will assign a discount code for your trip.

Do you charge for elapsed shipping time?
No, we charge for actual time on the trail. We appreciate your prompt return of the Bearikade so that we can meet the schedule for other hikers.

Will I be charged for a tardy return?
Wild Ideas, LLC allows up to five transit days for the return. We are especially interested in the flow of Bearikades during the months of July and August during peak season. Special circumstances could eliminate late charges, but ordinarily a daily rate will be applied after the five day limit.

Can I mail the Bearikade with shipping labels placed directly on the canister?
No, please use the same or equivalent packaging because shippers have difficulty handling rolling stock. In addition, cleaning the adhesives from the Bearikade delays its return to service.

Can I request delivery to an address other than my home?
Yes, you can indicate a drop ship address with some exceptions. We do not ship to hostels in general because packages have no chain of ownership. Hotels, General Delivery Postal Service, street addresses are acceptable.

International Customers Shipping Charges Notice:
If your billing address is located OUTSIDE the USA, but your rental Bearikade units are being shipped to an address INSIDE the USA ( shipping fee $ 12.00 per unit ) – you will be charged the International Shipping fee ( $ 40.00 per unit ).
We will refund your credit card the shipping cost difference AFTER we receive your order.

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